Fan Quotes

Bonnie Cashin is my muse.  She is like Auntie Mame to me – her creativity, originality and color sense are inspirational.  Lake’s exhibitions and writing truly communicate Cashin’s joy in creativity.–Jonathan Adler

Bonnie Cashin is a titaness of American fashion – a fascinating broad with more style and invention in her little finger than most of today’s designers have in their entire bodies!–Simon Doonan

Bonnie Cashin was a pioneer way ahead of her time.  Cashin was one of the real creators of American sportswear.  She was someone who combined innovation, utility and style, the foundations of American sportswear.  Her contribution to fashion and particularly American fashion is as relevant today as it was during her time. Her work appeals to anyone interested in fashion and the best of American design.–Reed Krakoff

Everyone I know who was privileged to own a “Bonnie Cashin” will never part with it, a real tribute to her life’s work and mission.–Paul J. Smith, Director Emeritus, American Craft Museum

When Bonnie Cashin, the inventor of American sportswear, worked at Coach from 1962 to 1975, she revolutionized the handbag,  . . . The pioneering designer expressed, in her conviction about form and function, how to bring vital good sense to women’s fashion.–Suzy Menkes

Cashin vastly influences Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and, by proxy, just about everyone else.–Amy Larocca


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