In Her Own Words

Chic is where you find it.

There’s an intense satisfaction in feeling one is helping mold the look of our century.

One does not need more clothing for practical reasons.  One only needs clothing to feel wonderful in.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get a tweed by spinning together a bird’s nest and a spider’s web?

Accepted practices in any business are not sacrosanct.  If they become pernicious, isn’t it time to slow down to a think?

To a Young Designer: The moment you think an idea, it is no longer yours exclusively.

Watch, listen and feel, but don’t swallow everything.  Wonder and practice your own handwriting.

We in fashion are still fiddling around playing a yo-yo game with hems, canonizing buttons and bows and gadgetry, noses pressed against the rear view window, and seriously pronouncing it all new, creative and beautiful!  All hail the emperor’s new suit of clothes!

When everyone is wearing sneakers, it will be impossible to hate.

Why sometimes, I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

The ordinary thing is almost always the most expensive, in the long run.

The designer sometimes becomes a performer – a salesman – a clown.

Buyers are only human beings, and most of them are born nice.

Anyone from a stylist – a tailor – a pattern-maker – a manufacturer – a store keeper – an adapter – a copyist – or an editor is often called a designer. . . . If the truth be told, probably every woman who wears clothes thinks she is a designer

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