Slideshow: Coach

In 1960, Cashin was approached by Miles and Lillian Cahn, owners of a mens wallet and cigarette case manufacturing firm.  They wished to bring their company, Coach, to retail with a women’s line of handbags.  Cashin declined their offer, and they countered that they only wanted to work with her, and would wait for her to change her mind.   This took two years, and in 1962, Cashin and the Cahns launched Coach Leatherware as a handbag company.

Inspired by the hardware used to secure the top of the convertible sportscar she drove during her Hollywood years, Cashin introduced the now iconic brass turnlock as her signature closure on all of her clothing and accessory designs, including those for Coach.  Her glossy and often brightly-colored leather bags revolutionized the industry and are heralded as ushering in the idea of the “status” handbag.

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