Design Contracts

Cashin Design Contracts

Cashin’s ready-to-wear career spanned nearly five decades, during which she was sought after by over sixty diverse firms. The following list includes Cashin’s proposed and realized design contracts, the latter indicated by an asterisk.

American Airlines*
Annis furs*
Aris – Isotoner Gloves*
Ballantyne / Dawson International Limited*
Bergdorf Goodman*
Bernard Goodman / Sport Whirl
Bernhard Altmann
Boonie Doon Sports Hosiery
Brueton Industries
Burlington exports
C & L Ideas, “Leather, Suede and Fur Do It Yourself Kits”
Carroll and Co.
Carter Leather Goods Co.
China Trade Corporation
Coach Leatherwear*
D. Klein*
Dani Millinery
Design Thai
Dorian – Macksoud Corp.*
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
Eastern Airlines
Enger – Kress
Eugenio Ramalho Lda.
Evelyn Pearson*
Fantasia Furs*
Field and Stream
Fitzgibbons Co. Rain and Stormwear
Forstmann Woolen Co.
Golo Shoe Company
Gropper Leatherwear*
Guttman Brothers*
Harmon Knitwear
HBA Furs*
Henri Bendel*
I. Miller
Infanta Knitting Mills
International Cooperation Administration
Ledaspain U.S.A. Inc.
Leonard Levy*
Les Bernard
Liberty of London*
Lockheed-California Company
Lord & Taylor*
Main Street Fashions, Inc.
Main Street Rainwear*
March and Mendl*
McGregor Sportswear
Mennon/ Fitwell Dress Company*
Modelia Inc.*
Neiman Marcus*
Otterburn Mill Ltd.*
Paper Route to Fashion*
Pearl Bedell
Ramy Alexander
Raymodes Negligees
Rein, Rame and Gurvitch*
Rogers Lingerie
Royal Robes
Russel Taylor*
Saks Fifth Avenue*
Seamprufe Lingerie
Siggy Coat Company*
Sills and Co.*
Skirtings, a division of Sills and Co.*
Sport Togs, Ltd.
Stella Fagin*
Supak and Sons Manufacturing Company
The Knittery*
Town and Country
Turtle Bay, a division of Jonathan Logan
U.S. Rubber Company
White Stag

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